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Sophie Darwin



Sophie is a lifestyle and documentary photographer who focuses on wedding, family and birth photography. Her images are inspired by people and their stories. She specialises in honest, heartfelt photography that celebrates human connections.

Motivated by meeting new people and sharing their unique stories. For Sophie there is no greater honour than being allowed into some of the most intimate and important parts of a persons life and creating memories for them to cherish. Whether that's documenting the excitement of a wedding morning or capturing a mother bringing a baby into the world.

Becoming a freelance photographer was a happy accident for Sophie, something wonderful emerged from a hobby she loved. As she began defining her photography style she started to share her images on social media and her profile has grown organically, mostly through word-of-mouth, since then which she describes as  "both humbling and incredibly exciting".


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“It was a no brainer for us to have Sophie shoot our wedding. We knew she would be the only person we could trust with our most special day. The fact she agreed to travel for our wedding and from day one shared our excitement - we knew we’d made the right a choice. 

Sophie has captured the essence of the day so well and all our guests felt so comfortable in front of the camera. We asked for candid shots of laughter and enjoyment, and that’s exactly what we got. We love them so much, thanks Sophie - you are one in a million.”

Sam and Ross, Ibiza, May 2018


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