Children grow up remarkably fast and in an ever increasing rapid world of evolution, their energy, character and innocence should be captured. When children are younger, having a portrait of the family done each year is a great way to catalogue the progress each of them is making as they grow, and you never know when that last chance for a family photo will come. We may not want to admit it but the make-up of the family can change without warning and loved ones may pass on. There’s no reason to squander the opportunity to capture life together now. As children grow up they find their own lives and move away.


The days when family all stayed within a few miles of each other are long gone. Take advantage of the time you have together while you have it by getting portraits done. It is a sweet reminder of life together. Capturing this energy is also a great way to reminisce. Grandchildren may someday ask to see pictures of the family and wouldn’t it just be sad if there were few or none to share? Having the pictures brings the family together again as they look back on their lives together.


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Studio M is a powerful collection of creatives that share the same energy and creativity across the board. We like to think of ourselves as a mark of quality. A brand that prides itself on uniqueness and individuality.

Our photographers are trained to capture moments as you experience them happening without interfering. Allowing you to relax and enjoy precious time with family and loved ones.


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