Becky Lee Folio 2018

As a photographer, Rebecca brings a creative eye, natural energy and a keen sense of artistic storytelling to her work.

 ‘To me, the best thing about photography is being able to find someone’s story and capture it in a single moment. That’s what truly inspires me. It’s hard to find another career that gives you such artistic freedom and enjoyment as dance.  But to me, being a photographer is very close to the creative focus and energy you feel as a dancer.  It’s essential to translate the raw beauty and emotive storytelling of a shoot through your lens, and be poised ready to capture that key moment.  In dance it’s the climax of a performance, for example where the dancer jumps so high they look as if they’re never coming down.’

The most memorable part of her career has been the people she has met along the way. ‘You just can’t underestimate the importance of good relationships and surrounding yourself by like-minded people, stunning places and beautiful art that inspires you - that’s the key to constantly growing, improving yourself and your skill.’

Rebecca made the move from dancer to photographer in 2014, when she first arrived in Jersey, working alongside Studio_M.

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