Wedding Filmmakers We Love

Three different styles from three amazing filmmakers that we love to work alongside

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Will Warr



We met Will at Charlotte & Craig's wedding in July 2016. His style and approach to film-making beautifully marry, not just the way we work, but also in terms of image tone and emotion. Will's wedding videos are a simple yet compelling way to capture one of the most important days of your life. Creating a perfect keepsake, his bespoke videos are tailored to tell the story of you, and most importantly it’s a 100% personal service.

Keeping a discreet presence throughout the day, yet capturing those special moments in time, Will's filming can cover any aspect of your day, from the pre-wedding preparations through to the service, the reception, speeches and post-meal celebrations. It’s all completely up to you. Having worked as a freelance videographer for several years, his filming style is authentic, elegant, and seamlessly edited with the music that means the most to you.


Will is a freelance filmmaker with a unique perspective that sets me apart from the conventional, allowing him to see beyond the normal and create the extraordinary.

My wedding films are a simple, compelling way to capture your day through creative cinematic storytelling. Creating a precious memento for you to treasure, my films are tailored to tell the story of your day.

With seven years in the field, I am experienced in keeping a discrete presence, whilst capturing the most special moments in an authentic and elegant way. I am well versed in working closely with clients, making them feel instantly at ease, resulting in a beautiful, natural and timeless final product.

Most importantly, all videos are produced, shot, and seamlessly edited by a small team in-house ensuring each video is reflective of your personalities and style of your wedding day. Each film is seamlessly set to the music that means the most to you.

I take on only a limited number of weddings a year, to ensure I have the time to put my heart and soul into each one. If you’re interested, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact form below, and we can start planning your perfect wedding video.


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Patrick Gather

Film maker


Patrick has developed a keen, undying passion for creating moving images from a young age. 

People love to hear and see stories being told and that understanding is key to all visual content. Being classically trained in filmmaking and having since worked in both film and advertising, Patrick made it his aim over the past 12 years to create beautiful and inspiring content that works - especially content that always has a powerful sprinkle of storytelling added to the mix. No matter if he is producing an advert, a fictional scene or a wedding film, Patrick will never compromise on quality and has the emotional effect of the content on top of his priority list. 

When it comes to weddings, Patrick’s priority in terms of workflow is to document the day in all it’s beauty, find details that could be easy to overlook and above all to operate respectful and utterly unobtrusive: “This day is all about you, the client, not about me getting the best shot no matter what”. This work ethic has allowed Patrick to capture many many beautiful wedding stories over the years that will be cherished by his clients for the rest of their lives.



This Modern Revelry

Epic Husband + Wife Duo


We’re Laura + Alan - filmmakers, party starters and husband + wife. We constantly lose track of time when we’re editing (oh hello 4am, we meet again!), we’re obsessed with travelling (even though our hearts ache to see our dog and two cats when we land back home) and we’re kinda blown away by how much our life has changed since we started filming weddings.

Two people who thought they had to leave their love of filming and music behind to pursue ‘practical lives’. We interviewed. We commuted. We had ‘real jobs’. But when we rediscovered filmmaking we couldn’t stop. It was (and still is) our lives. Every spare moment was spent filming, editing and figuring out how we could shake things up in the industry. And now? We get to spend our days hanging out with the most awesome, fun-loving, in love people. We get see them get married, party their butts off, then create films that will absolutely knock your socks off. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


Filming weddings gives us a buzz. every. single. time.

Those nerves you get when you’re about to go for an interview - yep. Every wedding we get that feeling because we’re excited and we can’t wait to throw ourselves into the epic celebration. We’re not big into soppy declarations of love. We’re all about modern love. Brides giving speeches, sneaking off to a mountain top with the two of you, first dances to Rudimental, crowd surfing couples, head-turning Mustangs, ear-popping tunes and anything you can throw at us. That’s what gets us going.

But what got us here? Quite frankly, the most boring ass wedding films we’d ever seen. The ones where you can’t make it through the first 30 seconds because you’ve seen nothing of the couple yet? The ones where you can’t figure out if anyone else was actually invited? Yeah, those ones. When we made our first REAL wedding film we got our inspiration from everywhere BUT the wedding industry. YouTube - yep. Travel bloggers who make the coolest films ever and have you hankering to climb a mountain in Norway - those too. Music videos, commercials, films on the big screen. That’s where we got our inspiration and where we still do. If we’re going to capture your wedding day you better believe we’re going to make it look every damn bit as fun as you’re going to remember it. So we’re shaking up the industry, film by film and we’re changing the game.



Will Robinson

Capturing special moments


Will fell in love with film when he started making documentaries.

The genre focuses on telling someone’s story and this sparked his interest in filming weddings. Will conveys the love the couple share by getting to know them and their story. He also captures those who join the couple to celebrate the commitment they have made to each other. All moments are special and Will has the ability to capture them and through film help to recreate the memories when the film is watched back. 

Will studied animation at university which adds an additional flare to the emotive wedding films he creates. 



Elissa Standen

film maker


" Every couple and their story is unique”

Originally starting out in TV production, Elissa was lucky enough to work on programmes such as Richard & Judy, Saturday Kitchen and ITV’s Crime Thriller Awards.

It didn’t take Elissa long to realise she wanted to tell the stories of real people in a more hands-on, creative way.

Elissa is now a storyteller of the beautiful, raw and important moments in peoples’ lives, which takes her all over the world, filming all types of weddings.

Recognised as one the UK’s leading wedding filmmakers in Country Life Magazine, and awarded Best Wedding Videographer in South Central by The Wedding Industry Awards Elissa comes highly recommended when it comes to capturing a deeply personal keepsake.


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