We believe that family comes first. 

Whether you want a family, couple, baby or maternity shoot you can rely on our team of photographers to capture it. Take advantage of the time you have together and capture memories that will last a lifetime. 


Whether it’s at our studio, within the comfort of your own home or at a location that is special to you, our team of photographers will capture memories that will last a lifetime.


The Springthorpe Family

Bump New York

Prince George 3rd Birthday

Grey Family

O'Neill Family


Studio M is a powerful collection of creatives that share the same energy and creativity across the board. We like to think of ourselves as a mark of quality. A brand that prides itself on uniqueness and individuality.

Our photographers are trained to capture moments as you experience them happening without interfering. Allowing you to relax and enjoy precious time with family and loved ones.


McQuillan Family


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Your relationship with your photographer should be special. It should be one of open communication and ideas. There should be a strong connection and you need to ‘get’ each other. Through confidence and mutual respect comes trust. Trust is an essential part of any relationship. Now let us know a bit about your family and how we can capture those precious moments.

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