Max Burnett Weddings

Max Burnett


Max's creativity has been the foundation of his studies through school and into University, excelling in Art, Design and Architecture. His journey into photography started by travelling around Europe through beautiful atmospheric architectural spaces which enticed Max to pick up his camera, as he found that this was the best way to graphically and visually record the surroundings. 

Max believes that studying architectural details, spaces and textures has helped shape and define his style, as well as pushing the documentary approach by harnessing the available natural light and building a story of discovery from the finer details to the people and expansive landscapes. 


That's why I enjoy photographing weddings so much. I love to observe the people and interactions at the heart of a wedding day. My job is to capture that unique nature and search out those often unseen moments of your day that could slip past without being noticed. Those details are the subtle ingredients which reflect you and your wedding day, and often become the most cherished visual memories. With unobtrusive photography, informal style and eye for detail means I can capture not just what your wedding day looked like, but how it felt.